close personal protection
executive close personal protection

The quality of close personal protection (CPP) provided by SSA Group operatives is second to none. Our specialists have vast experience is this field, within the government sector (through law enforcement and the military) and within the private sector.

Collectively, our operatives have provided protection to the President of the U.S.A., several Australian Prime Ministers, British Deputy Prime Minister, Lebanese President, C.E.O's and Board Members of some of the world's largest companies and numerous high profile celebrities.

Our professional services are provided with absolute regard to the sensitive nature of such situations and the need for confidentiality.

Through many years of experience, we are able to carry out these operations in a low key manner. To the untrained eye we would not be noticed. If the situation requires a more intimate cover, we are able to move our clients through unruly crowds in a safe manner.

Whether it is a high profile event such as the World Economic Forum (which we were involved in) or simply a night out with your spouse, we can provide you peace of mind to get on with your business or enjoy your night. Short term or long term protection is available.

If you are required to travel off shore, SSA Group utilises an extensive global network of associates to provide threat assessments and relevant intelligence to the area you are travelling to.

We have provided CPP predominantly in the Asian Pacific region but have the capacity to provide it globally.