ssag investigations

Our investigative team consists of former law enforcement personnel, all who have worked in the crime department as specialist investigators. Each of them carries vast experience in the investigation of major and organised crime. The company has over ten years experience in conducting investigations within the private sector.

Our investigations are conducted with absolute regard for sensitivity, confidentiality, tact and commercial reality.

Often companies find themselves in situations where they suspect something illegal or undesirable is occurring but are unsure how to proceed. This is where our services can be of great assistance in giving you guidance and a sense of direction.

Our services can be applied to complex and protracted inquiries as well as concerns or issues on a smaller scale. We offer our services regionally, nationally and globally.

They include;
  • Workplace Crime Investigations
  • Internal - External Fraud / Theft and a Recovery Effort
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Protection
  • Product Contamination Investigations
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Civil Proceedings Investigative Support
  • Due Diligence - Corporate Governance
  • Representative Liaison with Law Enforcement Agencies